Why Distinctive?

Your dirty laundry is our little secret®

The better you smell the more confident you feel and the better life in general seems… (okay that might be a female perspective), but we all love to be complimented on the way we smell don’t we?

Distinctive washing powder actually works as hard as you do. It not only achieves a professional gentle clean on a multitude of fabrics using less water, and energy, (heating water) but the heat from your body activates Distinctive fragrance molecules in your clothing, allowing you to smell great all day long.

We don’t advocate tumble drying! The addition of heat to fabric washed with Distinctive will cause the fragrance molecules to start bouncing and colliding into each other and will therefore release fragrance much sooner than we’d like to the waste air from the drier. Plus, tumbling really is a huge waste of energy so hang to dry – you’ll find you need to do less ironing too.

There are a number of things in our formula that enables us to scientifically achieve the above. But not everyone wants to know how the biological content (enzymes) clean, where they come from or how we managed to create the sticky bud effect with our fragrance to help it fix to fabric in the wash so we’ll leave that for future blog post material.

Step away from overspraying fragrance!

Don’t spray from top to toe, your clothes will smell fragranced when they leave the washing machine, so you can be confident that you smell great without the worry of overpowering scent!  Theres nothing worse than sitting next to someone who over uses fragrance. We use the highest quality ingredients in our fragrances and formula – the idea is a touch of luxury that others can smell when they are up close and personal.

But that’s not to say you have to ditch aftershave or perfumes altogether! Distinctive’s base notes, actually work in harmony with your own choice of fragrance.

Smelling good from your socks up

It’s not rocket science, underwear needs to smell as good as outerwear as do bedding and towels at home. Make sure you get the best compliments from everyone that gets close to you and your clothing.

“You smell amazing” – get used to it it’s something customers tell us they get told a lot