Washing Powder for Men

Distinctive launched the worlds first washing powder for men.

Our masculine fragranced detergent is the product we are known for. However, it quickly became apparent that women, as well as men, enjoyed our products.

To this date, we have been benchmarked the fragrance to beat in laundry. An accolade we owe to our fragrance house team in the UK. Distinctive’s masculine sandalwood and amber fragrance is a very upmarket male scent familiar to designer fragrances men’s department stores. Once you have tried it and are used to more refined fragrances be warned it is very hard to go back to normal laundry products as they seem very chemical-like by comparison.

Distinctive combines superior cleaning power in a gentle formula that literally soaks garments clean, whether you are washing in a machine at low temperatures or need to literally wash everything in a sink on holiday or at home.

Distinctive is without a doubt the best masculine fragrance for use on your laundry and around the home.  If you are fed up of the fragrances on offer in the laundry aisle but love men’s designer aftershaves then you will probably love Distinctive.

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Our masculine fragrance combines the opulence of amber balanced with the calming notes of sandalwood. It’s our seductive Masculine fragrance with a beautifully woody base equally at home laundering a gentleman’s shirt as the family mixed load of bedding and clothes.