Our Trade cases of washing powder contain 6 of our 1.2kg packs of Distinctive so if you can take a minimum order of 18 cases (108 packs) we’d like to hear from you and discuss plans.

Our fragrance sprays are 24”s to a case and Boxed cold pressed soaps are 78 to a case.

To register your interest. Please tell us about yourselves and state which of our products you are interested in.

Distinctive Superior Washing Powder, is launched and available in two designer fragrance blends.

Choose The opulence of amber blended with the calming notes of sandalwood our masculine fragranced detergent.

Or, our New relaxing fragrance, combining green stems blossom violet leaves, a blend of five essential oils plus moss and musk designed to aid a good nights sleep.

We regret that we may not be able to sanction all enquiries as stockists  but we will get back to you within a few hours of your enquiry.