Storage for washing powder


Benefits of using The Distinctive Glass Kilner Jar for washing powder storage

  1. Preserving fragrances: Glass Kilner Jars are airtight, meaning that they can keep your washing powder fresh for longer. This is important, as the fragrances in washing powder can quickly dissipate if exposed to air for too long.
  2. Clear visibility: The clear glass design of a Kilner Jar allows you to easily see how much washing powder you have left, ensuring that you never run out mid-cycle.
  3. Easy to clean: Glass Kilner Jars are easy to clean and can be reused again and again, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.
  4. Stylish addition to your laundry room: With their vintage design, Glass Kilner Jars add a touch of style to any laundry room or utility area.
  5. Perfect size: Holding approximately half a sack of our washing powder at a time.

Overall, using a Glass Kilner Jar for washing powder storage is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their laundry room organised, fresh-smelling and stylish.

So why not give it a try?

You may just be surprised by how much you love it!


  • Holds 4.5kg of Distinctive Washing powder
  • Kilner brand established in 1842
  • Airtight rubber seal perfect to keep fragrances fresh
  • Heavy duty Glass storage
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Kilner and Distinctive Guarantee.


The Kilner Jar is available in the Turquoise and Red colourways of our brand, so if you use both of our fragrances you can differentiate between them when you do your laundry.

Please state your colour choice in the order notes or we will select one at random for you.

To minimise waste Distinctive washing powder comes in 10kg sized sacks for families that are always washing offering a staggering 166- 239 washes..

If you are trying to adopt a zero waste lifestyle remember to ask us for the paper version of our sack to be as environmental as possible.

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