Distinctive Washing Powder – Mini 2 wash/travel sample


Perfect mini sized pack to trial Distinctive detergent.

Our customers love our minis for taking on holidays. As a travel detergent did you know washing powder can go in your cabin case without forming part of your toiletries allowances for liquids?

Simply follow the instructions on the pack for normal machine washing. If hand washing, estimate use accordingly. i.e. 5/6 sink loads would equate to one machine wash. Wear plastic gloves if possible and limit the time skin is in contact with detergent. You won’t need to swish or scrub anyway as our formula works perfectly to soak and leave. When you return after a couple of hours or overnight the dirt will be held in the water away from the garments leaving you to simply rinse through and then hang to dry.

  • Our mini packs contain 2 professional washes.
  • Distinctive designer fragrance
  • Biological designer label-safe formula accelerates cleaning
  • Superior wash at 30/40 formula
  • No separate fabric softener required
  • Distinctive designer scent
  • No bleaching agents
  • No optical Brighteners
  • Methylisothiazolinone, SLS and paraben free