Luxury Handmade Soap – Masculine Amber & Sandalwood Scent


Our masculine scent is an amazing fragrance so we just had to combine it with a hand and body soap. And, now you can smell great from the skin up. It’s perfect to start with clean skin and then layer clothing on top that smells of our masculine fragrance too.

We manufacture in small batches in the UK, and a large proportion of the work making fragrances and blending our products, is by hand. Ensuring, that you get a quality, limited edition item, every time you order from us.

Luxury hand made soap made with natural skin loving butters and fragrance oils, plus poppy seeds for a wonderful scrub. Natural walnut leaf gives this soap its dark rich colour and in bar form we have no additional preservative content, meaning it is perfect for anyone who suffers allergies.

Plus we don’t use any Palm Oil and all ingredients are Vegetarian friendly too.

Distinctive Opulence of Amber fragrance is included in this soap a beautiful rich deep fragrance with calming sandalwood middle notes. This is a soft and sensual fragrance that will linger on your skin.

  • Free from preservative content.
  • Sulphates,
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Palm oil free.

Why be ordinary when you can be Distinctive from top to toe?


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