Distinctive Fabric & Home Fragrance – NEW Masculine Fresh Scent!


200 ml Fabric & Room spray

This is our NEW masculine, long lasting scent. Fresh and ozonic, with cyclamen, citrus and crisp green apples, on a white musk and dry amber base. Whether you want a scent for fabric after a work out, or just really like ozonic fresh scents reminiscent of a timeless cologne.

We want you to make a lasting impression with Distinctive.

  • Spray directly onto fabric whilst ironing or for use around the home.
  • Fresh ozonic masculine scent
  • Use to boost fragrance when its needed.
  • 2-3 sprays is enough scent for most people
  • No cfc’s – this is a natural aluminium pump action fine spray that is re-fillable or recyclable
  • Aluminium keeps fragrances cool and fresh

We should all apply less fragrances direct to skin. Research suggests that direct skin contact with fragrance oils isn’t as sensible as we have been led to believe. Distinctive fabric spray means that you can perfume your clothes as much or as little as you want to without applying fragrance directly to your skin.