Distinctive Washing Powder (case of 6) plus matching Fragrance spray – Masculine Fragrance


Distinctive is an advanced biological washing formula uniquely fragranced with the opulence of amber, balanced with the calming notes of sandalwood. it’s a discerning, timeless fragrance that is loved by men and women. It’s soft and sensual and is equally at home laundering a gentleman’s shirt as the family mixed load of bedding and clothes. For people who like quality fine fragrance.

We manufacture in small batches in the UK, and a large proportion of the work making fragrances and blending our products, is by hand. Ensuring, that you get a quality, limited edition item, every time you order from us.

This deal includes a full-sized matching Fragrance for Fabric and Home spray worth £18.99. Perfect for boosting fragrance as you iron, or for refreshing fabrics that can not easily be washed around the home. Don’t forget when cleaning your car this weekend – a few sprays to your car mats gives the perfect finishing touch.

  • 120 professional washes at home
  • 200 plus sprays
  • Biological designer label-safe formula accelerates cleaning
  • Perfect at just 30/40 degrees.
  • No additional fabric softener required! (in-built cationic softening)
  • No colour fade (no bleach or optical brighteners)
  • Safe on sensitive skin
  • Methylisothiazolinone, SLS and paraben free
  • Made in the United Kingdom