Mini travel wash pack


Perfect mini travel wash sized pack.

Our customers love taking our mini travel wash sized pack on holidays.

If hand washing, remember to estimate use accordingly.  i.e. 5/6 sink loads would equate to one machine wash.  Wear plastic gloves if possible and limit the time skin is in contact with detergent. Rinse and dry hands thoroughly afterwards. Best professional results are obtained if garments are left to soak clean overnight. Simply rinse and hang to dry to minimise ironng.

Our washing powder pack does not count against your toiletries liquid quota in your cabin case? Just make sure that the pack remains fully sealed after purchase and be ready to open it for customs officalis if required, the zip seal will re close for onward travel.

Our mini packs contain 2 professional washes.

  • Distinctive designer fragrance
  • Biological designer label-safe formula accelerates cleaning
  • Perfect wash results at just 30/40 degrees.
  • No additional fabric softener required! (in-built cationic softening)
  • No colour fade (no bleach or optical brighteners)
  • Safe on sensitive skin
  • Methylisothiazolinone, SLS and paraben free