Distinctive Privacy Policy

We are serious about protecting your privacy and any personal data collected in accordance with GDPR May 2018.

Collection and processing of personal data

The information we collect is:

  • Your name (so we know what to call you).
  • Your email address (so we can send order receipts).
  • Your delivery address (you might have purchased Distinctive as a gift).
  • Telephone Number (our courier needs this in case you are not in).

“Processing data is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party” 

In other words, to process and deliver your order, we must take personal data in relation to the registered payment card address and the delivery address you would like your parcel despatching to. We also need a telephone number and email address in case we or our couriers need to contact you about your delivery. Processing the order involves us checking that delivery addresses are entered correctly to match the one entered with Paypal and that cvc checks have been correctly made. This protects our safety and yours.

Data Use

To complete a transaction on our website, you will have been directed to our terms and conditions giving your approval for data to be held by us in a lawful and appropriate manner for fulfilling your order.

We will also have asked if we are able to contact you for follow up and marketing activity. We very rarely email customers, but you may opt out of receiving marketing communications by email or by text which we occasionally send if you have  permitted us to do so.

If you choose not to receive marketing communications we may still need to get hold of you via the telephone, if there is a problem with your order, or to pass it to our courier.

You are also provided with a log in to our website for viewing your own data, orders and to be able to change your personal password to our site at any time.


You are welcome to ring and ask for help processing your order.

GDPR states that ‘Processing of personal data should be designed to serve mankind in relation to fundamental rights – not excluding, respect for private and family life, personal data, freedom, religion, expression, the right to conduct a business, the right to an effective remedy, and fair trial for all.’

That the protection of his/her data is a fundamental right. Whilst allowing for the free flow of data between member states where National security or crime prevention may be helped. This means all companies are required by law to uphold sharing of data in respect of criminal activity or acts against mankind. Any requests to us from governments or authorities regarding any data we hold would be made in writing so that we could investigate properly before handing over details on a transaction.

Data for an identifiable person relates to all traceable personal identifiers and includes not only name and address details, but also internet protocol addresses and cookie indicators.

Data Retention

We are also directed to not hold data any longer than necessary.We hold data relating to transactions for accounting purposes for up to five years, but we wouldn’t revisit marketing too during that period unless you had continually purchased from us .

You may express your Right to be forgotten and have your record completely removed from our site, 6 months after the transaction. That gives our accounting period long enough that anything they need to do to reconcile transactions with Worldpay and Paypal

If you are at all concerned or have a suggestion to make please let our Data protection officer know or Freephone 0800 298 2054

We have a full risk analysis, which identifies Distinctive as very minimal risk for issues relating to your data, we do not allow third party access to our website/servers.

Cookie Policy

By using our website you are deemed to be in agreement with our use of cookies, however if you choose not to allow cookies then please see our cookie policy in order to deactivate them – your browsing experience may be affected.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browsers cache. Using such cookies it is possible to recognise the visitors browser in order to optimise the website performance via our use of Google analytics. Data collected via cookies will not be used to determine personal identity of the website visitor and is purely used as a way of monitoring how many unique visitors and returning visitors access out website.

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically, you can choose to deactivate the cookie or remove them from storage on your computer.