Hoping to clean up with luxury laundry product

An entrepreneur from Daventry has her sights set on the luxury laundry market with her new seductive masculine scented product.

Louise Knowler has invested £25,000 of her own money in launching her innovative biological washing powder for men.

Mrs Knowler believes there is a gap in the market in men’s laundry products which she intends to fill with her amber and sandalwood scented powder named ‘Distinctive’.

Mrs Knowler said: “It is a sexy scent and the idea is that men don’t have to spray themselves with aftershave from top to toe because it is already scented.”

The idea was born in May 2011 when Mrs Knowler was working for a laundry company and she came across scores of men who wanted a washing power with a more masculine scent.

She developed the product working with Ideal Manufacturing in Northamptonshire, freelance designer Billy Clarke also from Northampton and Lancashire-based Fragrance house working through problems with liquid forms and powder forms of the product to get the final result. 

Mrs Knowler said: “I spoke to so many people in the early stages to find the right partners. I then kept worrying that people would take my idea.

“Now the product has the right tools and all it needs is a little bit of luck. I’m not counting my chickens just yet because we all know cash is king in this business.”

Retailers White Island Clothing (online) are already trading with Mrs Knowler.

Mrs Knowler hopes this product will be the launch pad for her other ideas which include luxury sleep easy products.

Potential stockists may apply.

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