The Love Story – Does he smell good enough?

Yasmin and Chris were booked as Distinctive Wash models to demonstrate the concept of whether a man smells good enough, will actually get him to a successful outcome with his date!

Which lets be honest guys, If scent is at least the fourth most important fact in whether you get a girl to come home and spend the night with you then it is important to smell your best.

And, contrary to most men’s preparation before going out on a date – spraying everywhere and going out in a cloud of over strong fragrance is not the way to go…… Subtle sexy hints of fragrance and sexy smelling clothes with fragrance in layers is a far bigger turn on.

Distinctive Men don’t spray from top to toe they wash their fragrance in, and top it up with a tiny touch of fragrance of choice to the skin around the neck and jawline. They know that when they get up close and personal, body heat is going to be working with the fragrance in the fabric and on their skin to smell really super and sexy without giving a partner a scent headache or an asthma attack.

Yasmin had never modelled before but she loved the way Chris smelled so much we hope you agree she looks amazing – you can actually see the embers of desire for how he smells flickering behind her beautiful brown eyes.

So guys … can’t drastically change the way you look, but you can change how you smell very, very easily.  And smelling amazing will definitely give you a bounce to your day!  Email us your own stories using Distinctive washing powder for men or leave a comment here .  Remember…..Your dirty laundry is our little secret☺

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