Professional Clean, Environmental & Energy Efficient

Distinctive’s protease enzyme is specially designed to be activated at cool wash temperatures of just 30/40 degrees. As a fully built enzyme formula designed to tackle a variety of stains, Distinctive achieves a deep down gentle clean, using less water and heating than a non-bio would require, with a similarly stained load. This keeps energy costs down. Did you know that up to 90% of the energy usage associated with washing clothes, is from heating water? Meaning that any reduction in temperature is going to play its part in your overall energy usage.

All surfactants are 100% biodegradable

Being Distinctive, we want superb professional wash results with amazing fragrance experiences. Our customers and fragrance houses around the world, seem to agree with us, Distinctive scents are truly amazing.

However, being truly green means a home environment devoid of personal products that have any fragrance at all, and there are no exceptions. So if you want to be as green as can be, please look for products without any fragrances and check your labelling carefully. If being green wherever possible is important to you, then Distinctive makes for a really good option. You can be assured you are using a professional quality washing formula, that has been scientifically well thought out. We will not use anything unnecessary in our formulas. Our enzyme content has been derived to ensure that less water and heating is required, for a truly outstanding wash.

In-built cationic softening

In terms of the environment and fabric care, a softener is a really bad choice! That’s why we use inbuilt cationic softening as part of our formula. Click here if you want to know more about softeners. The fatty lipids in a softener are really not great on fabric. They cause a build up on the wicking properties of cotton, and other more specialist fabrics too. As you can imagine, fatty lipid content as effluence down our waste pipes is also not great. It is also one of the biggest problems when it comes to mouldy deposits running through the tubes of a washing machine and eventually making them stink.

Laundry regulations

In June 2015, laundry regulations stated that all washing formulas must be biodegradable.  Levels are assessed and companies are only allowed to market themselves as biodegradable if they are on the higher echelon. All in all the industry has come a long way in recent years. Government and HSE policies are all designed to protect the consumer. Detergents on public sale are mostly phosphate free these days, another great result! Plus all formulas in new packaging, or entering the market will have been labeled under a new unified Global system. This doesn’t just apply to detergents but to cosmetics, cleaning products and so on. Meaning that consumers all around the world can understand what is in a product and the cautions that apply. Have a look at the back of the pack. 

Sustainable Packaging

Taking care of the environment is important to us and we’ve strived for as environmental a product as possible.  Our team takes great care to look for suitable chemicals and packaging, to minimise the impact on future generations. We’ve made it our company’s mission to apply ‘sustainable solutions’ across our entire Business Philosophy. Hence the decision to manufacture, package and print in the UK. Our film packs are accepted across most of the USA as recyclable material. You can just fold up the bag to the size of a tissue and pop it in the recycling. We are always assessing our packaging and regularly ask customers for their thoughts.

Our choice of stationery, Revive, is 100% recycled and everything we print is via a carbon neutral print group.