For a superior wash at home

Choose either of our Distinctive fragrances

AND remember, you don’t buy a separate fabric softener or need to use additional products with Distinctive. If you’ve not read about us yet click here

The opulence of amber balanced with the calming notes of sandalwood our seductive Masculine fragrance equally at home laundering a gentleman’s shirt as the family mixed load of bedding and clothes. For people who like quality fine fragrance.

or our

Relaxing fragrance which combines green stem leaf notes, violet leaves, white blossoms, moss & musk. We use natural oils including bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, yang yang and patchouli. Enjoy a touch of calm, breathe deeply and relax. Suitable for the whole family.

If you are ordering in Europe please go to amazon in your country or purchase via Pret-a-dormir in Belgium or DMAX in Germany If you encounter problems during your order please email

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