Want one product for all your laundry needs?

With Distinctive washing powder you can throw in a load, add a scoop of powder, switch the machine on and go. You don’t buy or add anything extra to the wash and definitely never ever add fabric softener!

Distinctive washing powder requires less water and heating on a wash load to achieve brilliant wash results Distinctive is the brand to go to for the best fragrances and wash results. As a powder, we don’t need preservatives, and can blend designer fragrance with our formula.

As a brand we launched the first masculine detergent, Christmas 2012, ‘The worlds first washing powder for men.’ But we quickly realised that women, as well as men, wanted to buy our products because of our fragrance and wash results.

What all Distinctive customers have in common, is a love of having perfect laundry, and smelling amazing.

Distinctive washing powder doesn’t contain bleaching agents, or optical brighteners, the blue UV dyes that make whites appear whiter, but cause fading on darker fabrics, resulting in the artificial ageing of clothes.

Instead we use a fully built, enzyme formula, which gives deep down cleaning and superior rinsing, resulting in a far superior wash to a non-bio product. It is designed to achieve optimum wash results at environmentally low temperatures of 30 and 40 degrees. It will literally soak your garments clean.

You will find a few other upmarket laundry brands. I doubt you will find others with scents as good as Distinctive. We were awarded Premium Detergent brand of the year in 2020 for Fragrance and previously benchmarked as the brand to beat on fragrance.

Distinctive washing powder
1.2kg packs of Distinctive washing powder

You can choose:-

Our seductive masculine fragrance. This combines the opulence of amber with the calming notes of sandalwood. A tried and tested combination which has been known for centuries as the ultimate blend for seduction.

Our newest masculine energising scent comprising top notes of citrus, bergamot and crisp green apples, plus ozonic cyclamen on a white musk and dry amber base

Or choose our relaxing fragrance designed for a good nights sleep. Enjoy white bright floral, green stem leaf notes, violet leaves, moss, musk and five essential oils.

Go shopping now and have Distinctive fragranced laundry in your home.

Our ‘magic ingredient’ acts like a sticky bud, anchoring fragrance molecules to your clothes. Your clothes will smell distinctive when they leave the washing machine. Body-heat or the heat from the sun activates Distinctive, the hotter you get, the better you smell.

Our base fragrances don’t hit you from a distance – it’s all about being up close and personal.

100% colour fade & designer label-safe

You are not going to get a build up of optical brighteners on those expensive designer jeans, shirts or t-shirts. Our solution for a bright white load is to add a scoop of a brightening agent once in a while. Helping to make fabrics last longer and caring for them is what we do.

Wash at 30/40

30/40 degrees, is the optimum temperature for the Protease enzyme to do its job, giving you a deep down clean with superior rinsing.

Why be ordinary when you can be Distinctive?

Distinctive washing powder is biodegradable and phosphate free!